In honor of our first real post and the cider season, we thought we would start off by highlighting one of the coolest experiences to be had in the Basque Country, the sagardotegi.

Many people visit San Sebastián with their main goal being to eat amazing food and that goal is of course, always satisfied. However, most haven’t even heard of the Sagardotegi which is a cider house restaurant found in the countryside. Within a 20 minute car (or taxi) ride from San Sebastián, you can find yourself at one of these gastronomical gems. Here you can drink as much cider as you want from giant barrels and eat a typical cider house menu which includes an enormous steak called a “Txuleton.” It is really a “must” experience of the Basque Country. You can find more information here on our site about the sagardotegi excursion. Txotx!

Sagardotegi, Basque cider house Sagardotegi, Basque cider house

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