Overview of Hendaye, France

Hendaye is a French town located right on the border with Spain, just in the other side of the river from Hondarribia. Its 3 km long sandy beach offers something for everyone, including families and surfers alike. The town is also full of beautiful Basque style houses and is the origin of the so called neo-basque style. And we cannot forget to mention its impressive castle, the Château Abbadia.

Hendaye’s location on the border has made it an important point for commerce between both Spain and France. Historically speaking, this location has also proven to be problematic for the town since it has been involved in every conflict between the two countries. In 1793, Hendaye suffered a big loss when it was attacked by Spanish troops who completely destroyed the old town.

Thankfully, the tension between Spain and France slowly subsided at the beginning of the the 20th century. During the Spanish Civil War (1936 - 1939) the town even became a place of refuge for Spanish people looking to escape the war.

Today, Hendaye is a beach resort town with a beautiful 3 km sandy beach, frequented by both French and Spanish alike. In addition to the beach and town, there is also the impressive Château Abbadia located on the outskirts of the town. And if that wasn’t already enough, Hendaye also boasts some gorgeous views of the flysch rock formations that are easily accessible on coastal walking paths.

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