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Tolosa, Spain – Tourism Guide

Saturday markets are quite an experience when local vendors bring their fresh produce for sale. Tolosa is easily reachable since its close to a main highway and makes for a nice in between stop.

Once the capital of Gipuzkoa, Tolosa was for centuries a strategic commercial point that connected the interior of the country with the Cantabrian ports due to its location on the Oria River.

Wandering the narrow streets of the old town you will discover historical buildings and monuments from its glorious past. The most impressive building is the number icon Santa María church (17th century) in the so-called Basque gothic style.

Tolosa is famous for its produce and number icon Saturday market. The Saturday market is probably the largest market in the Basque Country. Farmers from the region gather in Tolosa to sell their local products, always of the highest quality and freshness. And there are many specialties in the area!

Tolosa Tourism
Santa Maria Church viewed from across the river

The most famous produce is the “Alubia de Tolosa.” These dark beans are usually accompanied by chili peppers from Ibarra. Famous all over Spain, they are one of the main ingredients of Basque cuisine. These beans are so beloved that they even have their own feast called “week of the bean” (“babarrunaren astea” in Basque), celebrated in the middle of November.

T-Bone steaks from Ox are also common in this area. These steaks, called “Chuletones de buey” in Spanish, are enjoyed by locals at “asadores” (restaurants specialized in grilling meat) and “sidrerías” (restaurants specialized in cider). Again, there is even a feast dedicated to them: the “feast of the Chuletón” is celebrated at the beginning of December.

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There is also a large tradition of sweets in Tolosa, supported by the local cake and candy store “Gorrotxategi,” founded in 1680. Their most famous specialties are called cigarillos, tejas and zaxus. The Gorrotxategi family even has a museum in Tolosa containing the machinery used to produce cakes and sweets for over 300 years.

But don’t worry if you happen to visit Tolosa on a day other than Saturday. You can still find stores in the old town selling local produce and it's also possible to enjoy some pintxos and local cuisine at one of the many bars and restaurants.

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Hotels in Tolosa

Hotels in Tolosa

Get In & Around

Get In & Around

Once you have arrived in Tolosa, everything is reachable by foot.

Arriving to Tolosa

PLANE – The closest airports are the one of San Sebastian / Hondarribia (46 km away) and the one of Bilbao (116 km away). However, there isn’t direct transport to any of them.

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CAR – Tolosa is situated right by the A1 road that connects San Sebastián with Madrid, crossing Vitoria. San Sebastian is located 30 km north-east of Tolosa, while Vitoria is 90 km south-west.

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BUS – Lurralde and TSST offer direct and indirect connections to San Sebastián as well as to surrounding towns. Pesa offers buses from Bilbao, taking over 2 hours.

TRAIN – The train station of Tolosa is located on Geltoki Kalea 4 (Station Street 4). The commuter train C1 connects San Sebastian with Tolosa in around 30 minutes. There are also trains to Vitoria, Miranda de Ebro as well as connections to Madrid. Moreover, one Alvia train in each direction everyday links Tolosa with Madrid.

Other Places of Interest in the Surroundings

In the Surroundings

Map of Tolosa

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