Overview of Hondarribia, Spain

Not only is Hondarribia one of the Basque Country’s most charming towns but it is also packed with a huge number of amazing restaurants and bars – some of the very best in the region in fact. If you are into Basque gastronomy, your trip won’t be complete if you don’t visit Hondarribia. The well-preserved Old Town, a relaxing maritime atmosphere and fantastic food are only some of the reasons why Hondarribia is one of our favorite places in the region.

Hondarribia is definitely one of the most beautiful towns in the Basque Country and a real must-see! If you only choose to visit one village in the Basque Country, this is probably the one. Hondarribia (Fuenterrabía in Spanish) is a colorful fishing village that is both rich in architecture as well as in gastronomy. It’s a feast for the eyes and also for the stomach.

In recent years, Hondarribia has seen a boom in its culinary scene. This is due to many young chefs who, after studying under the likes of Martín Berasategui and Pedro Subijana (see Michelin star restaurants), have taken their knowledge and set up shop in Hondarribia. And the quality of their new gastronomy is right up there with what one can expect to find in San Sebastian – the other Basque mecca for foodies.

Hondarribia is becoming more and more touristic these days, but thankfully, you aren’t going to find many souvenir shops. Instead there are just more and more restaurants and pintxo bars popping up. The competition in town is getting stiff, but the result is that only the very best survive. And the truth is, there are a lot of amazing places. The selection along with the price to quality ratio, make Hondarribia difficult to top.

Besides having an impressive gastronomy scene, Hondarribia also boasts a well-preserved old town that is surrounded by a fortified wall, the only one to be found in Guipuzcoa province. The Old Town is loaded with beautiful Basque houses, most having wooden balconies that are painted in a myriad of colors. In addition to the Basque houses, there are also some baroque buildings thrown into the mix. With its maze of cobble-stoned streets, the Old Town begs to be explored.

Apart from the Old Town, the other area that must be visited while in Hondarribia is the Marina Neighborhood. This is where most of the bars and restaurants that have made the town famous can be found. The main street that runs through the neighborhood is a pedestrian street, lined with trees, lovely houses, and places to eat.

The other main touristic attraction of Hondarribia is its beach which stretches 800 m, offering sand and quiet waters to locals and tourists alike.


If you are planning your visit to Hondarribia from San Sebastian, then this tour may be the perfect way to explore this beautiful town. It also includes a stop in the traditional fishing villages of San Juan (Pasaia) and San Pedro.


Hondarribia's Top Things to Do & See

Top Things to Do & See
We have put together a hand selected list of the most important things to do and see in Hondarribia. Everything from eating pintxos in the Marina to visiting the Old Town – if it deals with Hondarribia tourism, we’ve got you covered.

Old Town

Hondarribia Tourism
Santa Maria Gate & medieval wall
Things to Do in Hondarribia
Interior of the Santa Maria Gate
Hondarribia's Old Town
Hondarribia's Old Town
Hondarribia Tourism
Balcony in Hondarribia's Old Town
Plaza Guipuzcoa - Hondarribia's Old Town
Plaza Guipuzcoa
Kale Nagusia - Main Street of Hondarribia's Old Town
Kale Nagusia - Main Street of Hondarribia's Old Town

Inside Hondarribia’s fortified city walls, lies the charming Old Town. The Santa María Gate originally was and still is, the main entrance to town. This medieval gate greets visitors and leads them to Kale Nagusia (Main Street), where some of the most beautiful buildings of the Old Town can be found. One such building is the town hall of Hondarribia which is housed in a baroque building from the 18th century.

There are two other impressive baroque buildings found on the Kale Nagusia. One is the Zuloaga Palace, an urban palace from the 18th century that today houses the municipal library and historic archive. The other is the 17th century Casadevante House which is now the Hotel Pampinot (unfortunately the hotel is temporarily closed).

Just meters away from the Casadevante House stands the Church of Santa María de la Asunción y del Manzano.

The main street ends at Weapons Square (“Plaza de Armas” in Spanish), which for centuries has been the main square of Hondarribia and witness to celebrations, receptions, proclamations, any many other important events. The highlight of the Plaza de Armas is a magnificent building called Castle of Charles V which now functions as a Parador Hotel. It is possible to get a glimpse even if you are not staying in the hotel by visiting the bar that has a separate side entrance.

From Weapons Square, we recommend to weave back and forth through the streets of the Old Town, making sure not to miss other highlights of the area such as the Guipuzcoa Square. You can eventually make your way down to the Marina Neighborhood.


Santa Maria Church

Church of Santa María de la Asunción y del Manzano, Hondarribia
Church of Santa María de la Asunción y del Manzano
Organ of the Santa Maria Church, Hondarribia
Organ of the Santa Maria Church
Church viewed from the Santa Maria Gate, Hondarribia
Church viewed from the Santa Maria Gate

The Church of Santa María de la Asunción y del Manzano was built in the 15th and 16th centuries on top of the ruins of old walls and a roman church.

Although the construction of the building started in 1474, it lasted much longer than expected, since at the time Castile was trying to conquer the Kingdom of Navarre. At some point, the renovation of the medieval fortifications was so urgent, that material for the construction of the church had to be transferred to the fortifications.

Finally in 1549, after many battles, the first construction phase was considered to be finished and the building was consecrated.

Although the church was mainly built in gothic style, during the 16th century, some renaissance style elements were added such as the entrance that we see today. Another highlight of the building is the baroque bell tower from the 18th century from Francisco de Ibero.

If you are able to enter the church, make sure you head upstairs and check out the beautiful organ.

The church is only open during mass (also about 30 min before and after).
Saturdays & days before a holiday: 7 pm
Sundays: 12:30 pm

Castle of Charles V – Parador of Hondarribia

Castle of Charles V – Parador of Hondarribia
© Parador of Hondarribia
Castle of Charles V – Parador of Hondarribia
Bedroom at the Parador of Hondarribia
© Parador of Hondarribia
Bedroom at the Parador of Hondarribia
Back of the Castle of Charles V, Hondarribia
Back of the Castle of Charles V

The impressive building that today houses the Parador of Hondarribia was originally a fortress built at the end of the 10th century by King Sancho II of Pamplona. Today, it is known as the “Castle of Charles V” because of the extension and restoration works ordered by Charles V in the 16th century.

Its location on the hill overlooks the Bidasoa River, Hendaye and Txingudi Bay, making it the perfect position for defensive purposes. For this reason, the castle was mainly used as a barracks and also for the house of the governor. Generally, it is said that it functioned as a “palace-castle.”

The most important guest to have ever stayed at the Castle of Charles V was probably the Spanish Royal Family, who in 1660 lived in the castle while waiting for the marriage of the King’s daughter, the Infanta María Theresa, with the future King of France, Louis XIV. That marriage, together with the Treaty of the Pyrenees that was signed on the nearby Pheasant Island, put an end to a long conflict between France and Spain.

Hondarribia saw many battles due to its location right on the border with France. These battles took a toll on the Castle of Charles V. At the end of the 18th century the building was severely damaged by French troops and remained a ruin until it was rehabilitated and transformed into a National Parador in 1968. Since then, the castle has served as a hotel managed by the Spanish government.


Marina Neighborhood

Marina Neighborhood, Hondarribia - Spain
Marina Neighborhood
San Pedro street, Hondarribia - Spain
San Pedro street

The Marina Neighborhood is located right next to the old port (“Kai Zahar” in Basque) and is where the fishermen of Hondarribia lived for many centuries. Situated between the walled Old Town and the water, it is an area full of beautiful Basque style houses with colorful shutters and balconies.

Apart from its lovely architecture, the Marina Neighborhood is famous because of its high concentration of bars and restaurants (see the Restaurants and Pintxo Bars sections for more info). There is always a lively atmosphere in the area, especially around the San Pedro and Santiago Streets. When the weather permits, the terraces from the bars and restaurants open up and add to an already nice atmosphere.

While in the Marina Neighborhood, it is also possible to take a walk by the Butrón Boardwalk (“Paseo de Butrón”) that stretches along the water. From there, you can enjoy the fantastic views of the ocean, the estuary of the Bidasoa River and the Txingudi Bay with Hendaye (France) on the other side.



Beach of Hondarribia, Spain
Beach of Hondarribia

Hondarribia is home to a beautiful 800 m beach. The beach has lifeguards, bathrooms, showers, changing rooms as well as some activities to keep children entertained.

Because of all the facilities and its quiet waters, Hondarribia’s beach is popular among locals and tourists alike, especially families with children.

There is also a very nice seafront promenade that surrounds the beach and the port, continuing south next to the water to the old port (“Kai Zaharra" in Basque).

Paid parking is available right next to the beach.


Bay Path

Bay Path, Hondarribia - Spain
Bay Path
Bike rental stand, Hondarribia - Spain
Bike rental stand
Marina, Hondarribia - Spain
Boats at the marina

The Bay Path (“Camino de la bahía” in Spanish) is a trail that spans a distance of 14 km (about 8.7 miles), starting at the eastern end of Hendaye’s beach (France). The path continues by the waterside up to the bridge that crosses to Irun. It also goes further into Spain, crossing the town of Hondarribia.

Following the Bay Path right next to the water in Hondarribia, you will see the walls that surround the Old Town to cross next the Marina neighborhood. The path continues surrounding the beach to finally end at the Higuer Lighthouse.

Bay Path

Hotels in Hondarribia

Hotels in Hondarribia
We have hand selected a few great hotels in Hondarribia, Spain. However, if you want to see a complete listing of all available hotels, be sure to use the search function below.

Search Hotels, Compare & Save

Restaurants in Hondarribia

Restaurants in Hondarribia
The entire Basque Country is known for its high quality gastronomy and Hondarribia is one of the best foodie destinations in the region. It offers the highest concentration of bars and restaurants with outstanding food. While it’s not such a big place, it definitely has a lot of quality dining options. To help guide you through the endless gamut of establishments in town, we’ve put together a list of Hondarribia’s best restaurants.

While there are good restaurants all over Hondarribia, the Marina neighborhood is the place where you will find the largest concentration. There is always a lively atmosphere in that area, where you will find not only locals, but also people from the surroundings and tourists. Hondarribia’s gastronomy is so popular that it is common for people living close by (not only in Spain, but also in France) to come here just to eat, especially on the weekends.


Hermandad de Pescadores

Hermandad de Pescadores, Hondarribia
Hermandad de Pescadores

Inaugurated in 1947, Hermandad de Pescadores is one of the most famous and traditional restaurants of Hondarribia. They cook traditional Basque cuisine, specializing mainly in fish and seafood. The two star dishes of the restaurant are fish soup and hake.

The restaurant is located in an emblematic building from 1361 which was originally constructed to house the brotherhood of fishermen (“cofradía de pescadores”). This building was once the center of the local fishing industry and is where fisherman stored their nets for centuries. Interestingly enough, the building was actually partially built with sand from the beach that went all the way up to its doors. You will notice today that the town has since expanded much further and the water is several blocks away.

The average price per person at Hermandad de Pescadores is 40 €.

Zuloaga, 12
20280 Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: (+34) 943 64 27 38
Tel: (+34) 943 64 27 38

Restaurant Sebastián

Exterior of the Restaurant Sebastián, Hondarribia
Exterior of the Restaurant Sebastián
Interior of the Restaurant Sebastián, Hondarribia
Interior of the Restaurant Sebastián

Restaurant Sebastián is located in the heart of Hondarribia’s Old Town, on Main Street (“Kale Nagusia” in Basque). The restaurant was inaugurated in 1986 in the location where there was previously a general shop that sold all kinds of goods such as food, tobacco and clothing. The decoration of the restaurant tries to keep that old general store charm. The atmosphere is intimate and relaxed – a perfect place for a romantic date.

The cuisine at Restaurant Sebastián is based on Basque heritage and is characterized by top quality raw ingredients. Miguel Soto, chef in charge of the restaurant for the past 10 years, defines Sebastián as being about, “50% gastronomy (good eating) and 50% well being”.

Restaurant Sebastián offers a daily set menu (menú del día), which changes depending on the season, for 25 € (taxes included), as well as a tasting menu for 49.50 € (taxes included).

Calle Mayor, 11
20280 Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: (+34) 943 64 01 67

Asador Laia Erretegia

Grill house Laia Erretegia, Hondarribia
© Laia Erretegia
Grill house Laia Erretegia
Interior of the grill house Laia Erretegia, Hondarribia
© Laia Erretegia
Interior of the grill house
Fish at Laia Erretegia, Hondarribia
© Laia Erretegia
Fish at Laia Erretegia
Octopus at Laia Erretegia, Hondarribia
© Laia Erretegia
Octopus at Laia Erretegia

The grill house Laia Erretegia is located 1.5 km away from the Old Town, on the outskirts of Hondarribia in a rural landscape that is surrounded by farm houses. The relaxed atmosphere in the middle of nature can be very well enjoyed from the sunny terrace that offers amazing views of Mount Aia and Mount Jaizkibel.

The Restaurant Laia Erretegia is run by the Ayala brother and sister: Jon and Arantxa. All year-round the restaurant functions as a grill house with its star dishes being ribs, turbot and bream. During the cider season (Jan. - April), the restaurant also functions as a cider house.

From Monday to Friday they offer a very attractive menú del día (daily set menu) for lunch for 20.90 € (taxes included).

Arkolla auzoa, 33
20280 Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: (+34) 943 64 63 09

Restaurant Sugarri

Interior of the Restaurant Sugarri, Hondarribia
© Restaurant Sugarri
Interior of the Restaurant Sugarri
Hake pintxo at Restaurant Sugarri, Hondarribia
© Restaurant Sugarri
Hake pintxo at Restaurant Sugarri
Spinach crepe at Restaurant Sugarri
© Restaurant Sugarri
Spinach crepe at Restaurant Sugarri

Restaurant Sugarri is run by Manu Thalamas and Bixente Muñoz, the latter who is also the chef of the emblematic Bar Gran Sol. Their cuisine is based on tradition, their attention to detail and their creative personal touches added to the dishes. The main feature of each dish is the produce that is balanced with tradition, technique, vanguard and creativity.

Sugarri is located at the Hotel Río Bidasoa, in an exclusive and quiet environment, surrounded by beautiful green scenery, however, it is only a 5 minute walk away from the Old Town.

Apart from the menu, they also offer a tasting menu for 46 € (taxes included).

Nafarroa Behera, 1
20280 Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: (+34) 943 64 31 23

Restaurant Abarka

Interior of the Restaurant Abarka, Hondarribia
© Restaurant Abarka
Interior of the Restaurant Abarka
Flaky pastry at Abarka, Hondarribia
© Restaurant Abarka
Flaky pastry at Abarka
Hake cheeks at Abarka, Hondarribia
© Restaurant Abarka
Hake cheeks at Abarka

Restaurant Abarka is located in the outskirts of Hondarribia, in a beautiful natural landscape. It is housed in a traditional Basque farmhouse, built from stone and wood and features rustic interior decoration.

At Abarka, they strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere as well as to make every meal a five senses experience. The terrace invites guests to sit down and enjoy the green scenery, making the visit about more than just having a great meal.

The local produce and the ingredients in season are always the focus at Abarka. The menu offers a nice selection of both fish and meat. Apart from various tasting menus, they also offer a daily set menu (menú del día) for 24 € (taxes included).

Baserritar Etorbidea, 36
20280 Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: (+34) 943 64 19 91

Restaurant Alameda

Dish from the Restaurant Alameda, Hondarribia
© Restaurant Alameda
Dish from the Restaurant Alameda
Restaurant Alameda, Hondarribia
© Restaurant Alameda
Dish from the Restaurant Alameda

Restaurant Alameda first started out as a popular snack bar in town, but today has evolved into one of the best restaurants in Hondarribia, currently possessing one Michelin star. The restaurant is run by the third generation of the Txapartegi family – the three brothers Mikel, Kepa and Gorka.

At Restaurant Alameda importance is given to the raw ingredients. The cuisine is based on the use of quality local produce to create attractive dishes that always satisfy the customers. It is a cuisine with roots, but at the same time, it is modern and authentic.

Restaurant Alameda is located in the entrance to the Old Town, just steps away from the Santa María Gate. It offers a warm and familiar atmosphere, with an interior characterized by its minimalist and stylish design that includes various works from local artists.

Apart from the menu, they offer three tasting menus that range from 38.50 € to 88 € (taxes included, drinks not included).

Minasoroeta, 1
20280 Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: (+34) 943 64 27 89

Pintxo Bars in Hondarribia

Pintxo Bars in Hondarribia
The fact that Hondarribia is very well known for the high quality of its gastronomy means that not only is there a large list of outstanding restaurants, but also pintxo bars. Pintxos are quintessential Basque and form the backbone of the local food culture.

The pintxo bars of Hondarribia offer a large variety of pintxos, some of which are proudly exhibited on the bar counters and other that are cooked to order. It is part of the local culture to meet up with friends or family, especially on the weekends, and go for a couple of drinks and a couple of pintxos. This act of going out to the bars is so much a part of the culture that they even have a name for it – txikiteo. The prime times to go txikiteo’ing are before lunch and dinner and the drinks and pintxos normally function as a type of appetizer.

Here is our list of the top 5 pintxo bars in Hondarribia.


Bar Restaurant Gran Sol

Bar Gran Sol, Hondarribia
© Gran Sol
Bar Gran Sol
Pintxo at Bar Gran Sol, Hondarribia
© Gran Sol
Pintxo at Bar Gran Sol
Pintxo at Bar Gran Sol, Hondarribia
© Gran Sol
Pintxo at Bar Gran Sol

If you are visiting Hondarribia and only have the opportunity to try the pintxos at one place, then it should be at Bar Gran Sol. Chef Bixente Muñoz oversees this family-run bar that has become somewhat of an institution in town, frequented by locals and visitors alike.

The counter of the Gran Sol offers a large variety of pintxos (so called “cold pintxos”) that range from traditional Basque recipes to bold new creations. However, it is also possible and highly recommended, to order from the menu of warm pintxos which are cooked on the spot. The pintxos of Gran Sol have won many contests on both Basque and Spanish levels.

Next to the bar, the same family also owns the Restaurant Gran Sol, based on simple cuisine and traditional flavors. The Restaurant Gran Sol offers a daily set menu for 28 € (taxes included).

San Pedro, 65
20280 Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: (+34) 943 64 27 01


Grilled scallops at Sardara, Hondarribia
Grilled scallops at Sardara
Interior of Bar Sardara, Hondarribia
Interior of Bar Sardara
Bar Sardara, Hondarribia
Bar Sardara
Pintxos at Bar Sardara, Hondarribia
Pintxos at Bar Sardara
Cod au Gratin at Sardara, Hondarribia
Cod au Gratin at Sardara
Secreto ibérico at Sardara, Hondarribia
Secreto ibérico at Sardara

Sardara is one of the most recent pintxo bars to have opened its doors in Hondarribia (July, 2014) and it’s making waves. The interior is beautifully decorated with a warm wooden ceiling that is contrasted with cool concrete floors and stone walls. The minimalist interior design, with its subdued color palette, complement the pintxo bar and allows for the real stars, the pintxos, to take center stage.

There are many beautiful creations displayed on the bar but there is also a kitchen ready to prepare a menu full of warm pintxos and raciones. Definitely, don’t leave without ordering a few. Some of our favorites are the tuna carpaccio and the grilled scallops (“vieiras" in Spanish).

The name “Sardara” makes reference to a phenomenon related to the fishing tradition in Hondarribia. Every autumn, the tunas come up closer to the surface of the water, following the schools of anchovies and other small fish. The tunas surround the small fish and then take turns as they plow through them, eating as many fish as possible. This phenomenon is known as “sardara.” In the past, the sardara was important because the fishermen from Hondarribia fished “by eye,” waiting for the sardara to occur so that they could catch the tuna.

While visiting Sardara, make sure to check out the television at the back of the bar that shows exactly what its name means.

San Pedro
20280 Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: (+34) 943 03 03 01
Tel: (+34) 943 03 03 01

Vinoteka Ardoka

Pintxos at Vinoteka Ardoka, Hondarribia
Pintxos at Vinoteka Ardoka
Vinoteka Ardoka, Hondarribia
Vinoteka Ardoka

Vinoteka Ardoka, located on the popular San Pedro Street, is a wine & pintxo bar. Mikel Rico opened its doors in 2008, as an alternative to the traditional pintxo bars, having a bigger focus on wine.

Vinoteka Ardoka offers a wide variety of both cold and warm pintxos as well as raciones, which are actually among the best in town. The star pintxos of Vinoteka Ardoka are cod confit with grilled peppers, tuna carpaccio and lollipop of the vegetables garden (pork ear wrapped in zucchini and ham with raspberry sauce and a grape, caramel and txakoli sauce lollipop).

However, what distinguishes Vinoteka Ardoka is the large selection of wine which is probably the best in town. The wine menu has between 40 and 50 items that change every year.

San Pedro, 32
20280 Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: (+34) 943 64 31 69
Tel: (+34) 943 64 31 69

Bar Restaurant Goxodenda

Hake at Goxodenda, Hondarribia
Hake at Goxodenda
Salad at Goxodenda, Hondarribia
Salad at Goxodenda

Almost hidden in a quiet corner at the very end of the popular San Pedro Street stands Restaurant Cafe Goxodenda – a local favorite. Goxodenda was originally a patisserie (“goxodenda” actually means patisserie in Basque), but over time it has expanded and become a proper bar and restaurant.

Apart from the wide variety of pintxos on display at the counter, there is also a menu of warm pintxos that are cooked to order. Many of these pintxos have won awards in contests.

Although Goxodenda may seem like just another bar offering raciones and platos combinados, it is much more than that. They offer a very nice menú del día (daily set menu) for 12 € (taxes included) which is definitely superior to anything else you may find in Hondarribia for the same price. If you are on a budget or just want to try something more local, this is a great choice.

San Pedro, 79
20280 Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: (+34) 943 64 19 52
Tel: (+34) 943 64 19 52

Bar Restaurant Yola Berri

Pintxos at Yola Berri, Hondarribia
Pintxos at Yola Berri

The Bar Restaurant Yola Berri is located in the popular San Pedro Street and offers a wide variety of traditional pintxos as well as a menu of warm pintxos, raciones and cazuelitas. They specialize in traditional Basque cuisine and in particular, fish. Yola Berri has a very good price-quality ratio.

There is also a dining area in the underground floor where you can enjoy the menú del día (daily set menu) for about 12 €.

San Pedro, 22
20280 Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: (+34) 943 64 56 11
Tel: (+34) 943 64 56 11

Events in Hondarribia

Events in Hondarribia

Hondarribia Blues Festival

Since its first edition in 2006, Hondarribia is proud to hold its own blues festival every year – known simply as the Hondarribia Blues Festival. Celebrated around the second weekend of July, the Hondarribia Blues Festival has seen artists such as Pinetop Perkins, Johnny Winter, Taj Mahal and in 2014, even Steven Seagal (yes, the actor and martial arts expert also plays music).

Patron Saint Festivities & Alarde

The main festivity of Hondarribia takes place between the 7th and the 11th of September in honor to the patron saint, the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The biggest celebration within the festivity is called the "Alarde" which occurs on September 8th. The Alarde is a military procession held to celebrate the vows made to the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1639 in gratitude for breaking the siege imposed on the town by French troops.

However, the Alarde is just one of many activities taking place during those five days in Hondarribia, since there are also concerts, Basque dance, Basque sport exhibitions, activities for children and much more.

Get In & Around

Get In & Around

Once you arrive in Hondarribia, everything is reachable by foot.

Arriving to Hondarribia

PLANE – The airport of San Sebastian is actually located right next to Hondarribia. Currently there are only flights to Madrid and Barcelona from that airport. The company Ekialdebus offers buses that connect the airport with both Hondarribia and San Sebastián.

The next closest airport is located in Biarritz (20 km away). Although there isn't a bus from that airport to Hondarribia, the company Pesa offers buses that go to the neighboring towns of Irún and Hendaye.

Find the cheapest airline tickets with WayAway (a flight aggregator that offers travelers the best fares on airline tickets).

CAR – Hondarribia is located next to the toll road AP-8. The AP-8 is called the “Highway of the Cantabrian” and, as its name indicates, runs along the northern coast of Spain. It is a toll road within the Basque Country, becoming a free road all the way to Galicia. This same road becomes the A-63 in France.

There is also another road that passes next to Hondarribia called N-121. It comes from Pamplona and ends in Irún.

There is a free parking area in Hondarribia located in front of the Santa Maria gate, which is the main entrance to the Old Town. This is the best parking option. There is also another parking situated next to the beach, which is a paid parking during the summer months (9 € per day for cars, 29 € per day for motorhomes).

Car Rental – Search, Compare & Save

BUS – There isn't a proper bus station in Hondarribia, but several bus stops throughout the town.

The company Ekialdebus offers buses that connect Hondarribia with San Sebastián, Irún and other surrounding towns.

Buy your bus tickets here.

TRAIN – There isn't a train station in Hondarribia. The closest stations are located in Hendaye, Irún and San Sebastián.

From Hendaye, there are direct connections to other towns of the French Basque Country such as St Jean de Luz (12 min, 3 €), Biarritz (25 min, 6 €) and Bayonne (35 min, 8 €). There is also a line from EuskoTren known by the locals as “El Topo” which connects San Sebastian with Hendaye in 35 minutes. There is one train every half an hour, every day of the week and the trip costs 4.60 € (there and return). From Hendaye, there are also trains to other big French cities such as Paris, Toulouse or Nice.

The train station of Irún offers a wide variety of short and long distance trains with destinations all over Spain (such as Galicia, Cataluña and Madrid) and even Lisbon.

Buy your train tickets here.

BOAT – The company Jolaski offers a ferry service between Hondarribia and Hendaye. There is a boat every half an hour and it takes around 10 minutes.

In summer, there are boats from 10 am until 1 am. In winter, the first boat leaves Hondarribia at 11 am and the last one at 7 pm. The ticket costs 1.80 €.

Practical Info - Jolaski Boats

Other Places of Interest in the Surroundings

In the Surroundings

Map – Things to Do in Hondarribia

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